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Is $SNEK Really The New $HOSKY?

Sodium Overload! A few salty bag holders spam the life out of Twitter trying to take the meme to new heights, ruffing some feathers and paving the way for the ultimate Titan Battle for meme coin dominance.

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The Most Hated Man in Cardano

With a short temper, broken English and a little too much time, Bison Coin is giving Hosky a run for his money in the engagement farming space.

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SundaeSwap PsyOp - The Rise And Fall of Cardano's Darling

On the 20th of January 2022 A.D. at precisely 9:30 UTC SundaeSwap went live. Mr. Hoskinson smugly enjoyed a wonderful cake as celebration and Cardano finally had it's own AMM DEX.

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The Curious Case Of RAVENDEX LABS

With the WMT partnership recently announced, it seems like the "first" DEX on Cardano is gearing up to shoot for the moon. To eternity! And possibly, beyond.‍

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