The Most Hated Man in Cardano

With a short temper, broken English and a little too much time, Bison Coin is giving Hosky a run for his money in the engagement farming space.


I expect pretty much everyone knows who Bison is… but maybe not everyone knows his history in Cardano.


Bison Coin was one of the first so called “meme coins” launched on Cardano in late 2021 – peak bull run – or dare I say…. peak bison run.

I know, that was only funny in my head.

Of course, there were a shit ton of coins launching back then, but Bison had managed to cement itself in the top 3 – alongside Hosky and Lobster.

He had an active Discord server, an average website and a horrible whitepaper.


whitepaper tokenomics

 Look at those drop shadows.

The “hacking” incident

Early 2022, the team announced they had been “hacked” and they lost control of the main wallet holding $BISON without providing too much details – or any details.

Another token was minted with a new logo – similar to the old one – and airdropped 1:1 to every holder.

This episode cost them around 30.000 ₳ if I have my facts in order – a pretty expensive endeavour considering ₳ was above $1 at that time.

Now, this hacking is very suspicious to me. I’m more inclined to believe that someone from the team decided to play the old switcharoo and pull the rug from the inside – maybe we’ll never know.

Anyhow, pretty much everyone was happy with the resolution since the team took the hit and fixed the problem in a few days.


Stake Pool


Fast forward some months and Bison announces his new stake pool – or steak pool as he calls it – RANCH.

This upset a few people as it seemed he used his coin – with big promises – to gather a “herd” of people and have them delegate to his stake pool.

One of these people was none other than Hosky – the single and absolute saviour of Cardano.

Hosky throwing shade

Delegators to his pool would receive some of that juicy $BISON for a limited time.



Fast forward a few months, his website goes down, discord server gets retired and all the project gets pretty much abandoned.

I am calling it a project because the original roadmap was pointing towards an online casino – web3 style – that would use his coin.

Everyone was looking forward to it and they even used to have casino games in his discord server.

And this, my friends, is where he fucked up.

Selling a coin with promises to deliver any sort of product, and then abandoning it for a full time job as a crypto influencer.

Pretty lame move in my book. But hey, maybe we use different libraries.

And to top it off, he apparently dropped 30.000 ₳ worth of $BISON on the open market – not sure if that was from his part of the “team” allocation or just a ruthless treasury dump.

Honestly, this is one of the worst executed rug pulls I have ever seen. Especially considering he missed the opportunity to sell NFTs – these were actually on his initial roadmap.


Influencer career


Nowadays he’s well known as the Poirot of Cardano. He’s calling out scams every day, multiple times a day.

He’s getting into petty twitter spats with everyone.

He’s managed to upset cardano_whale.

He’s pumping and dumping while calling out the same pump and dumps he’s using to get some sweet sweet loser money.

He’s got Hosky in his replies constantly.

And he’s unapologetic about it.

Now that’s what I call a FIRE BRAND.

Would it be too much to call him the Trump of Cardano?

My take on this


Call me crazy, but I like this guy.

I’d rather have him yelling on Twitter than taking on a full time job in that thriving industry in his area, constantly trying to find my phone number so he can call me and let me know “I have virus on my computer”.

It’s better this way.

And to top that off, I don’t believe he intended to pull any rugs. Of course, I may be very very wrong here – as I have been multiple times in the past.

It just seems to me that he got in way over his head and overpromised on what he was actually able to deliver. And he then decided to cut his losses and call it quits.

Ask yourselves this:

Why promise a casino? Other coins promised nothing – or worse (wink, wink Hosky) – and raised similar amounts of money. Or more.

Why mint another token and waste so much money on fixing the problem after the hack?

Why not sell NFTs in the peak of the craze when the running strategy for everyone was buy now – DYOR later.

Why only drop 30.000 ₳? Why not 50.000 ₳? Why not more?

A lot of whys here.




Hate him or not, you have to admit – he’s entertaining. He calls out the bullshit and goes down in the dirt with the bag-holders – the mindless monkeys that think arguing over twitter is going to make their favourite coin deliver.

I’m biased to understand that – I had my run-ins with the #ravendex monkeys after writing this article.

They went quiet eventually.

I wonder why.


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